Drive: An Insatiable Desire For Excellence

While Eng-Spire couldn’t achieve anything worthwhile without compassion and resilience, the relentless pursuit of mastery is fundamental to our identity as a company. We like to push each other and to be pushed in return. Our drive is what brought us together. We believe it will take us a long way.

Resilience: Embracing and Overcoming Challenges

Structural engineers spend a lot of time thinking about resilience—the capacity of a material to return to its original form after being bent, compressed, or stretched. We meticulously measure the resilience of the materials we work with. We try to maximize it in the structures we design. In fact, the pursuit of the most possible resilience within a given set of design constraints isn’t a bad way to describe the profession.

Compassion: Moving Beyond Empathy

Imagine an engineer.
You might picture someone with a keen analytical mind and an exacting eye for detail. The person in your mind’s eye is very good at math.
Are they good at listening? Do they have high emotional intelligence?
Probably not.
We’d like to change that.
Engineering is a team sport. An engineer’s success depends on their ability to connect with clients, with colleagues, with other buildings professionals, and ultimately with the broader community. Making those connections is hard if you can’t put yourself in their shoes.
This is why compassion is one Eng-Spire’s three most important values . In fact, it’s actually the most important, in the sense that it creates conditions for others to flourish.